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  • "I have a tourism project, Josh launches a bee-keeping start-up. By working together, we could both refine our business models.” Ximena Apéstegui, Development, Costa Rica and Joshua Ben, Environmental Studies, Kenya (YES Iran 2016)

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  • „You can’t forget climbing up to the top of a 135-meter windmill. Breathtaking!” Dominika Czyz, MA Economics, Poland and Billy Ramogi, Informatics / Sociology, Kenya (YES Germany 2014)

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  • „YES makes you lead the way to a post carbon society: Not only with case studies or workshops, but also with personal coachings and art sessions. Memorable!” MD Azim, Environmental Science, Bhangladesh (YES Switzerland 2015)

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Youth Encounter on Sustainability YES

Making sustainability work: With YES, myclimate offers unique impact labs for students and young professionals. More than 1,400 YES Alumni from 145 countries make up a dynamic community covering all sectors. YES is dedicated to build mind-sets and skill-sets for a sustainable future, to create global partnerships of change agents and institutions, and to leave a local impact behind.


Farzane (YES Iran 2016, Iran)

After the YES lab, I negotiated with the management of our cultural institute to have a contract with Tejarat bank in order to deposit all the donations and fees that our users pay us in this bank because of their investments in sustainability. By late February, the contract was signed and now they are also giving our users some good services. I have just received my new year gift from Tejarat bank! On the last day of YES, we drew a timeline on which we introduced our goals in 2017. I promised to make my workspace more sustainable until February. So far, we made a green contract and also separating all our paper wastes. The personnel learnt the importance of recycling and are doing the waste separation in their homes as well.

Santosh Poudel (YES Switzerland 2015, Nepal)

After the Yes course I was involved in sole waste management and especially hospital waste management. Today, I started operation of common bio medical waste management treatment center at Pokhara. We are serving more than 20 hospitals as a complet manager of bio medical waste. We are a legally approved company by the local government. You can visit

Qurat-ul-ain Syeda (YES Switzerland 2016, Pakistan)

On 17th May 2016 was Pakistan's first national steering committee meeting to discuss the launch of UN's Sustainable energy for all initiative. Qurat will be part of the team that will implement it! Good luck Qurat!

The Impact of YES