YES is operated by myclimate together with strong university, company and institutional partners worldwide (accredited by UNEP). Local YES partners usually host 1 annual encounter for 3 years, anchoring YES follow-up projects. To enhance the impact of the labs, the encounters can be complemented with project internships, master thesis and study programs, and executive workshops for decision makers.


YES universities

YES partner universities receive reserved places in the course (own pre-selection), send students to international YES labs, realize joint projects with other universities or businesses and integrate sustainability-related topics in their curricula (programs with ECTS points, thesis, internships). YES kicks off sustainable activities on and off campus, and sets a basis for green campus assessments with myclimate consulting - important requirements for global certification and reporting schemes / memberships like Prime, UN Global Compact, International Sustainable Campus Network ISCN or national reporting duties on SDG or carbon emissions.

Examples: In 2009, YES triggered the launch of a sustainability department at the host University Bratislava (Slovakia). The Sustainability Institute at University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and the World Food Systems Center at ETH Zürich (Switzerland) were built up and are led by YES Alumni. HOSEI Japan, ETH Zürich and MIT Boston (USA) have realized joint projects with other universities or companies, kicked off sustainable activities on and off campus, and implemented learning and teaching on sustainability in their academic programs facilitated by YES. The Center for Environment and Development at University Berne (Switzerland) accredited YES as an elective module for the MSc "Sustainable Development" (3 ECTS points).

YES sponsors

YES partner companies integrate their YES engagement into sustainability / CSR strategies to position themselves as credible first-mover and good corporate citizen in key markets. They connect to a global network of YES experts (academia, corporate, government) and 1400+ young leaders to gain recruitment opportunities and a reputation as an innovative employer. They receive tailor-made consultings and audits, case studies and innovative staff trainings. They access intellectual property associated with innovative education methodologies to develop new program concepts for alternate target groups (e.g. corporate management). They receive positive exposure on all YES and myclimate communication channels.

Examples: In the YES lab "smart energy systems" (Germany 2014), the CEO of SSC Wind, Hinrich Eden, connected to YES participants from countries of interest to discuss market entry potentials and strategies. From 2010-2013, the sustainability strategy of Swiss multinational Sika was analyzed in YES labs. The results were presented to decision makers, and the engagement was integrated in Sika's CSR reporting. 2015, Zürich Tourism gained important outreach on YES and myclimate channels nationally and globally as YES lab Switzerland partner.

YES donors

YES donors achieve sustainable, local development and scalable, lasting impact through supporting the YES labs, participants with YES scholarships, and funding projects and organizations that emerge out of the YES community. Their support lowers the YES tuition fee for participants considerably, leading to a social inclusiveness that is key to the diversity of the lab - and therefore, key to the success of the YES model.

Examples: The UN Environmental Program UNEP has supported YES labs in Africa since 2007, bringing an unparalleled international and practical training opportunity close to African universities and students. The Mercator foundation Switzerland was main partner for Swiss YES labs 2015 and 2016, strenghtening sustainability at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. Foundation Avina is main partner for three YES labs 2015-2017 in Latin America to foster sustainability in the region. The foundation "Drittes Millenium" has included a regular YES donation into their annual donation cycle.

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