Learning Model

Two weeks. 30 participants. Experienced experts and coaches. As students and young professionals develop impactful businesses to solve sustainability challenges, they build up skills and minds for a sustainable future. The unique YES learning approach is practical, empowering, interdisciplinary, intercultural.

Methodological approach

A typical YES lab brings together 30 students and young professionals from 15 different countries and a large number of different disciplines. The diversity of profiles aims at creating a dynamic learning environment to practice transdisciplinary and transcultural communication and foster cross-fertilization. YES is all about exploring holistic ways to understand connections between different domains of knowledge, rather than about in-depth expertise in one narrow field. The full program is conducted in English.

The unique YES learning approach is practical, empowering, interdisciplinary and intercultural – a truly creative exercise in applied diversity. The methods are skill-oriented, interactive and include project and case work on-site, discussions, participant pitches and presentations, creativity boosts, personal coaching and working with hands-on tools like Carbon Footprint Apps, Business Modeling Canvas or Complex Problem Structuring Methods.

Community- and empathy-building components play a substantial role in the YES framework and are key for the success of the YES Alumni community to which every YES participant gains access after the lab.

The sessions are led by local and international experts from renowned universities, institutions and businesses. Many are YES alumni themselves. The learning process is moderated by experienced YES facilitators. Participants bring in their own expertise and perspectives. YES is organized and coordinated by myclimate.

The skills participants build up in the YES lab can be organized into three dimensions which match the key dimensions of sustainability, and follow the lab parts analyzing challenges – assessing solutions – making sustainability work.

  • Issue expertise is built through addressing diverse and complex issues throughout the YES lab (problematizing skills)
  • Organization expertise is strengthened through many practical exercises on i.e. business modeling or project management (managing skills)
  • Sociocultural expertise is strengthened through the engagement with the YES group’s cultural diversity, concrete case and field studies and insights from the professional practice (implementing skills)